C-HOP  or Central House Of Prayer are monthly prayer gatherings on Sunday nights in the church. There will be praise, intercession and teaching. These meetings are crucial to changing the spiritual atmosphere over Lewsey as we seek to see God’s Kingdom come. See the Diary page for more details.



A Prayer to Bless Lewsey

Imagine the faces and the area of those you intend to bless in Lewsey.

Heavenly Father, we take upon ourselves the authority that Jesus delegates to us. In his name we speak to Lewsey and say to you:

We bless you in the name of the Lord.

In Jesus’ name we bless all good and supportive friendships.

We bless every family, that there may be peace, love and understanding in them.

We bless marriages, that they may be strong, loving and forgiving.

We bless your wealth that you may have enough to live and enough to give.

We bless your health and in Jesus’ name and we resist any sickness or disease. To every person in Lewsey we say be well.

We bless the schools of Lewsey that they may be safe places of nurture and growth for teachers and pupils.

We speak to the churches of Lewsey. We bless you that the Holy Spirit and the Word of God may flow out from you in power, and we bless you with an increase of God’s presence.

We bless the hearts of all who live in Lewsey that you may be open to hear and respond to the heart of the living God. Amen


*Please re-write these blessings for your workplaces, families, communities, ministries and pray them out loud, once a week with one other person if possible.