Deanery News Jan 2017

At all of our Parish APCMs in April this year, we will elect new Deanery Synod representatives from among our congregations. My question is: “are YOU being called to be a Deanery Synod Member?” The Deanery has a key role … More

Deanery News Oct 2016

NEW AREA DEAN Rev. Joe Pienaar, Vicar of St. Hugh’s Lewsey & Area Dean of Luton By now many of you will be aware that I have been appointed the Area Dean of Luton. I feel privileged to have been … More

Autumn 2015 Pastoral letter from the PCC

Dear all, We wanted to write and inform you of the recent and exciting decisions made at the September PCC. Firstly, and as many of you will be aware, Kathy Crane our long serving and wonderful Parish Secretary is due … More

APCM Follow Up 2015 – What Next?

Our vision is to be: A community gathered around mission and empowered by prayer, living LIGHT wherever we are! As we continue to develop the vision to grow Lighthouse groups the Lord has been pressing on my heart that we … More

Spring Pastoral Letter 2015

Autumn Feedback Dear all, Over the Autumn, Cat and I had over 50 people from St Hugh’s to dinner, asking them about how we were doing as a church. Thank you to all of you who came and shared with … More

New Year Pastoral Letter 2015

There are times when we do something together and it is good to stop, to reflect and to celebrate. We have just had a fantastic Christmas at St Hugh’s! 50 Hampers were given to some of the neediest families in … More

Practical Teaching on Fasting

(Extracts from Derick Prince and thoughts from Joe Pienaar) Fasting is abstaining from food for spiritual purposes. (Although there are Biblical accounts of people fasting from food AND water, we will consider abstaining from food only.) Obviously with some types … More

Christmas 2014 message

This Christmas as we focus once again on Jesus coming into the world, God making his dwelling among us as Emmanuel, flesh and blood, I can’t help focusing afresh on Jesus being the Light of the World – that as … More

Summer 2014 Pastoral letter

Dear all, We Pienaars arrived in Lewsey two years ago and with the anniversary just passed, it gave another opportunity to reflect on what God has done and what he is saying. We have certainly added to our number since … More

Spring Pastoral Letter

WHAT NEXT? Last Sunday we spoke about what is next at St Hugh’s. Hopefully this letter gives a little more clarity to where we are heading and why. It was fantastic to see approximately 50 people sign up to be … More