100 Hours of Prayer

Korean Prayer Mission.

On the 24th to 28th June we have the privilege of hosting a team of Korean Prayer Missionaries; we are one of 30 towns and regions hosting teams in the UK during this time. Their heart is to pray for the nation that gave them the Christian faith and see that faith restored in the UK.

The Koreans are anointed intercessors and I would love us to catch something of that anointing in prayer. Therefore, alongside their mission we will be setting ourselves the target of 100 hours of continuous prayer at church starting on Monday 22nd June at 8 p.m. and finishing on Friday 26th at midnight to give us the chance of praying alongside these missionaries, preparing in prayer for the Lewsey Festival where we will have our Healing on the Streets Team, for breakthrough with sickness in our parish, for our Muslim neighbours who are fasting through Ramadan that they might have revelations of Jesus, for salvation, for our own relationships with God, for our families….. and I am sure the list will be added to as we begin to pray. However, if you are not sure how or what to pray for – don’t worry we will provide resources, ideas and options to help in church.


You could sign up for an hour, 5 hours, or a whole night depending on how the Lord leads and your other time commitments. You could sign up by yourself, as a family, with a prayer partner or Lighthouse group, but the important thing is to pray. BUT can I ask that EVERYONE gives at least 1 hour and see if together we can exceed the 100 hour target! Every hour counts! Sign up at the back of church for which hours you can cover (its fine to have more than one person for each hour).

I know that when God’s people join together in prayer for His kingdom to come, then things change. Every revival, every move of God, has begun with a group of people gathering together to pray, so let’s sign up, pray and see God’s Kingdom come!