Are you hungry to go deeper with God?
Do you want to know more about who you are?
Do you need Freedom?
Transform is a series of 10 workshop type sessions where we address these questions along with others.
Quotes: “it changed our whole family!”, “I can’t stop telling people how wonderfully made they are, it’s changed how I view everyone now I know how God sees me”, “I had no idea I could hear God for myself”, “I take what God said about me to work, I’ve put it where I can see it all the time so I can keep reminding myself and be encouraged.”, “It feels like family when we do this together”.

Who is this for? Anyone who is hungry to go deeper with God. It doesn’t matter if you are unsure about Jesus, new to faith, have been around for years, or even if you’ve done this before. There’s always something new for everyone.

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    Week 1 Transformation
    Week 2 Who am I? – Identity
    Week 3 Hearing God
    Week 4 Prayer Appointments
    Week 5 Spiritual realms – what’s going on?
    Week 6 Strongholds, and Repentance as a gift
    Week 7 Injustice and Forgiveness
    Week 8 Generational patterns & intercession
    Week 9 Family matters
    Week 10 Blessings, curses and staying free

If you want to catch up on parts of this year’s course you may have missed, then see this page.