Key Purposes – What are we working towards

  • Be a house of PRAYER for the nations
  • Bring HEALING in mind, body and spirit
  • Be a FAMILY of all nations
  • Be a community of TRANSFORMATION


Values – How we do things

  • Love – We love God and seek to love each other with a radical acceptance, honouring each person for who they are.
  • Worship – We seek to bless God and in doing so have encounters with him that enable us to live lives that show the world the songs that we sing.
  • Word and Spirit – We encounter God in His Word and allow the Spirit to apply these truths so that we follow the example of Jesus who gives us the grace to live them out.
  • Welcome – we welcome people no matter who they are with open hearts, and open our homes to help them become part of our family.
  • Faith – we have confidence in what we hope, exercising faith in order to grow in it.


Short term 1-2 years

  • Agree a strategy for improving of our facilities through a feasibility study and survey
  • Fundraise for the first phase of development
  • Recruit 70% of the electoral roll into Lighthouse groups or similar
  • Develop a rhythm of fasting and prayer
  • Increase the diversity of leaders
  • Develop regular prayer times for healing prayer
  • Develop a culture of prayer ministry in Sunday services for empowerment and encounter
  • Develop a community café run from St Hugh’s
  • Help people identity their gifts through teaching and small group materials
  • Increase the number of young people living as disciples of Christ
  • Increase the number of leaders through volunteers and/or paid staff


Longer term 2- 5 years

  • Begin the first stage of building development
  • Grow Lighthouses of 70 people in each geographical area
  • Plant 3 Lighthouse groups outside the parish
  • People using their gifts to further the kingdom – evidenced in an increased volunteer base
  • Run a parish mission
  • Launch a fresh expression
  • Grow to an average Sunday attendance of 350


Church life is expressed by

  • Promoting a lifestyle of mission with a recognition of people’s frontlines
  • Lighthouse groups – doing life, worship, discipleship and mission with extended families
  • Projects to engage with the community and bless the poor
  • Sunday celebrations – celebrating the mission and ministry of the church at work in the world.