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23rd Jul 2017

23 Jul 2017 11am: Parking talking on Cultural Sunday.

16th Jul 2017

16 Jul 2017 9am: Andy talking on Vocation Sunday.

09th Jul 2017

09 Jul 2017 9am: Andy talking on Ezekiel 47.

25th Jun 2017

25 Jun 2017 9am: Revd Bob Mayo talking on “Re-opening the wells”.

18th Jun 2017

18 Jun 2017 9am: Jennifer talking on “The Apostles Teaching”.

11th Jun 2017

11 Jun 2017 11am: Joe talking on Vision Sunday.

4th Jun 2017

04 Jun 2017 10am: Rt Revd Richard Atkinson Bishop of Bedford talking at the 10am Confirmation Service.

28th May 2017

28 May 2017 11am: Peter talking on “Paul’s words of wisdom to the leaders”.

21st May 2017

21 May 2017 9am: Joe talking on Galatians 5.

14th May 2017

14 May 2017 9am: Peter talking about Paul.

7th May 2017

07 May 2017 9am: Joel sharing at the 9am.
07 May 2017 11am: Cat talking on “Discipling Children”.

30th Apr 2017

30 Apr 2017 9am: Joe talking on “Jesus is alive!”.

23rd Apr 2017

23 Apr 2017 11am: Joe talking on “The Resurrection”.

16th Apr 2017

16 Apr 2017 10am: Joe talking on Easter Sunday.

13th Apr 2017

13 Apr 2017 7pm: Joe talking on Maundy Thursday.

9th Apr 2017

09 Apr 2017 9am: Parker talking about “The Miracles of Jesus”.

26th Mar 2017

26 Mar 2017 9am: Jennifer talking about “The Teachings of Jesus”.

19th Mar 2017

19 Mar 2017 11am: Joe talking about “The Living Word”.

12th Mar 2017

12 Mar 2017 9am: Joe talking about Isaiah 43.

1st Mar 2017

01 Mar 2017 7pm: Joe talking on Ash Wednesday.

26th Feb 2017

26 Feb 2017 11am: Joe talking about Samuel.

19th Feb 2017

19 Feb 2017 11am: Malcolm talking on “The Judges”.

12th Feb 2017

12 Feb 2017 9am: Peter talking on “The Law and the Land”.

29th Jan 2017

29 Jan 2017 11am: Peter talking about Moses.

22nd Jan 2017

22 Jan 2017 9am: Joe talking about Joseph.

15th Jan 2017

15 Jan 2017 11am: Malcolm talking about Abraham.

8th Jan 2017

8 Jan 2017 9am: Joe talking on “In the beginning”.

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