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7th Jan 2018

7 Jan 2018 9am: Vicki talking on Epiphany.

31st Dec 2017

31 Dec 2017 11am: Joe leading us in Reflections for the New Year with a link to the questions here.

25th Dec 2017

25 Dec 2017 10.30am: Andy talking on Christmas Day.

24th Dec 2017

24 Dec 2017 9am: Andy talking on “The Gift of Light”.
24 Dec 2017 11pm: Joe talking at the Midnight Communion Service.

17th Dec 2017

17 Dec 2017 9am: Peter talking on “The Word Became Flesh”.
17 Dec 2017 7pm: Joe talking at the Carol Service.

10th Dec 2017

10 Dec 2017 9am: Andy talking on “The People Who Walked In Darkness Have Seen A Great Light”.

3rd Dec 2017

03 Dec 2017 9am: Andy talking on “Let there be Light”.

26th Nov 2017

26 Nov 2017 11am: Heather Barnes talking on “The advent of Advent”.

12th Nov 2017

12 Nov 2017 9am: Andy talking on “The resurrection of Jesus”.

29th Oct 2017

29 Oct 2017 11am: Joe talking on “The hard sayings of Jesus”.

22nd Oct 2017

22 Oct 2017 11am: Peter Law talking on Isaiah 55.

15th Oct 2017

15 Oct 2017 11am: Andy talking on “More miracles of Jesus”.

8th Oct 2017

08 Oct 2017 10am: Colin Urquhart talking on re-opening the wells.

1st Oct 2017

01 Oct 2017 9am: Warren Edwards talking about the work of Noah Enterprise.

24th Sep 2017

24 Sep 2017 9am: Joe talking about the Sermon on the Mount.

23rd Sep 2017

23 Sep 2017 Ladies breakfast: Cat talking on Luke 7:36-50.

17th Sep 2017

17 Sep 2017 11am: David Gillett talking at the 11am service.

10th Sep 2017

10 Sep 2017 9am: Chris Adams talking at the 9am service.
10 Sep 2017 11am: Chris Adams talking at the 11am service.

3rd Sep 2017

03 Sep 2017 9am: Andy talking on “Prophecies about a Saviour (part 2)”.

27th Aug 2017

27 Aug 2017 9am: Andy talking on “Prophecies about a Saviour (part 1)”.

20th Aug 2017

20 Aug 2017 9am: Sam talking on “Psalms about a Saviour”.

13th Aug 2017

13 Aug 2017 9am: Gemma talking about “Trailers of a Saviour”.

6th Aug 2017

06 Aug 2017 9am: Joe talking about “The need for a Saviour”.

30th Jul 2017

30 Jul 2017 9am: Joel talking on “Who is Jesus?”.

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