We record our sermons and make them available for free download in MP3 format. Each file is approximately 8 MB in size, so with a broadband connection it should only take a few minutes to download.

How do I listen to the sermon? You have a choice between the following:-

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13th May 2018

13 May 2018 9am: Barbara talking on “Relationships”.
13 May 2018 11am: Gemma talking on “Relationships: Friendships”.

29th Apr 2018

29 Apr 2018 9am: Joe talking on “Samson”.

22nd Apr 2018

22 Apr 2018 11am: Karl and Serreta being interviewed on “Relationships: Marriage”.

15th Apr 2018

15 Apr 2018 11am: Linda Geevanathan talking on “Relationships: Singleness”.

8th Apr 2018

08 Apr 2018 9am: Joe talking on “Come and have breakfast”.

1st Apr 2018

01 Apr 2018 10am: Andy talking on Easter Sunday.

29th Mar 2018

29 Mar 2018 7pm: Andy talking on Maundy Thursday.

25th Mar 2018

25 Mar 2018 9am: Sam and Jennifer talking on “Creativity in Worship”.

18th Mar 2018

18 Mar 2018 11am: Joe talking on “Worship in Heaven”.

11th Mar 2018

11 Mar 2018 11am: Joe talking on “Worship”.

4th Mar 2018

04 Mar 2018 9am: Andy talking on “MissionAll”.

25th Feb 2018

25 Feb 2018 11am: Sam talking on “Worship: Vision and Values”.

18th Feb 2018

18 Feb 2018 11am: Gemma talking on “The Kingdom of God”.

11th Feb 2018

11 Feb 2018 9am: Jennifer talking on “Light”.

4th Feb 2018

04 Feb 2018 9am: Andy talking about on “Time, Treasure and Talents”.

28th Jan 2018

28 Jan 2018 9am: Joe talking about our Vision for Mission.

21st Jan 2018

21 Jan 2018 11am: Andy talking about our Vision for Discipleship.

14th Jan 2018

14 Jan 2018 11am: Sam talking about our Vision for Worship.

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